Martín Longo

Audiovisual producer, director of photography, specialized in the Universidad del Cine, Argentina, after studying  Business Administration at UCES. In 2006 he founded the Calma Cine project, a production company dedicated to audiovisual content with which he obtained numerous international awards. In the permanent search to tell and learn, he has made documentaries, tv and web series, short films, video clips, and commercials, among other audiovisual projects. The series «Kaselman and son», winner of the series production contest in 2016, stands out. In 2017 it was awarded by INCAA in the series development contest for the «Malena» project co-directed by Benjamin Naishtat and Tian Cartier . He currently co-directs the documentary feature film project «En el nombre del Litio» and the fiction feature film «Cambio, Cambio!»

Tian Cartier

Filmmaker graduated from ENERC and Industrial Engineer graduated from ITBA. Winner of “Historias Breves VI” of INCAA, with his short film “The Last One”. His short film “Our weapon is our tongue” has participated in more than 160 international festivals, wining more than 30 awards, including a scholarship to study Documentary filmmaking in “Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba (EICYT), where he made his documentary “Until Domino Always!”, participating in more than 40 international festivals. Nominated at the «Martín Fierro Awards» with his series «A year without us». His first feature documentary «In the Name of Lithium» was released in 2021. His next projects are the feature film «¡Cambio, Cambio!» and the fiction series «Malena”.

Calma Cine produces documentaries, fiction films, series, journalistic materials, commercials and music videos. Many of these projects have international recognition, wining over 40 awards in more than 200 international film festivals. Calma Cine focuses on author-driven projects, about human stories with a respectful and original look.



Pía Marchegiani

Principal Investigator

Master in Global Studies (University of Freiburg, Germany and University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa). Lawyer (UBA). Candidate for PhD in Social Sciences from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO-Argentina). Professor of the UBA (Legal Clinic of Environmental Law) and FLACSO. Director of the Environmental Policy Area at FARN and researcher associated with the FLACSO Global Studies Program. She has experience in the public sector and in other civil society organizations.

Among her research topics are: politics and institutions in the management of natural resources, different development paradigms and social and environmental dimensions related to the extraction of lithium in the triangle in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Leandro Gómez


Master in Public Administration (UBA). Degree in Political Science (UBA).

Professor at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Member of the Latin American Studies Area of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO). External researcher at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (UBA). He works as an assistant in the environmental policy area at FARN.

Ana Di Pangracio


Lawyer (UBA) specialized in Environmental Law (UCA); Scholarship for the Exchange Program “Linnaeus-Palme” (Master in Environmental Management and Policy, University of Lund); Alumni of the Leadership Program for International Visitors of the US Department of State Since 2010 she has been working at FARN. She is Coordinator of the Argentine Committee of IUCN and President of the South American Committee of IUCN. She is a member of three IUCN expert commissions: protected areas, environmental law and that of environmental, economic and social policy. Vice President of the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence. She teaches classes at various institutions as a visiting professor.

María Julia Tramutola


Postgraduate in Management of Non-Profit Organizations (UdeSA). She completed the Postgraduate Course in Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics (UCA). Graphic designer (UBA). She is the founder and executive director of Revista Ecosistema (2009-2016). She is currently part of a joint program of WEDO (Women’s Enviromental and Development Organization) and BothENDS; that promotes the participation of women from the Southern Cone in climate financing through the monitoring of gender policies and action plans of the Green Climate Fund.

FARN is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization founded in 1985. Its main objective is to promote sustainable development through politics, law and the institutional organization of society. Its work includes research and analysis, publications and training, conferences and meetings, legal advice to communities and environmental litigation.

Its main beneficiaries are public and private civil associations, as well as the populations affected by environmental policies. FARN has been working for a decade accompanying indigenous communities in the defense of their rights and monitoring the functioning of the institutions to ensure that social and environmental aspects are sufficiently incorporated into the decision-making processes related to the extraction of lithium.


The documentary was declared of cultural interest through the Patronage Law and has the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA).

In turn, the SOMO foundation (Holland), TheGoodElectronics Network (Holland), the Humedales foundation (Wetlands International), and the University of York (England), have collaborated with the research, production and dissemination of the project.


Directing & Script: Tian Cartier, Martin Longo. Investigation: Pia Marchegiani. Production: Calma Cine, FARN. With the support of: Comunidades Indígenas de la Puna Argentina, INCAA, Mecenazgo Cultural, Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), The Good Electronic Network, Fundación Humedales, York University. General Producers: Martin Longo, Tian Cartier. Production for INCAA: Carolina Krasñansky. Production Assistant: Macarena Reyes, Lucia Robles, Mariana Sanchez. Cámara & Photography Martin Longo, Francisco Lopez, Daniel Manrique, Amilcar Otero, Tian Cartier. Direct Sound: Fernando Ribero. Editing: Manuel Margulis Darriba, Tian Cartier, Martin Longo. Sound Design & Mix: Fernando Ribero. Original Music Unplugged: Chemandinga (Purmamarca). Lyrics &  Music: “Agüitay” Cesar Alejandro Vilte.  Music Recording : Lucas Gordillo (Chakana Estudio). Original  Music Plugged: Cirilo Fernandez. VFX & 3D: WolfPack Multimedia. Additional VFX: Leonardo Torcello, Angel Burgos, Diego Ortega, Lucas Toscani, Nicolas Zizner. Color: Sie7e Colores, Guido Tomeo. Poster: Tian Firpo. Graphic Design & Web: Dar Concepto Visual. Poet: Leopoldo “Teuco” Castilla. Collaboration in Investigation: Alejandro Peña. Rental: GrooveCam, Alucine HD. Suri Dance: Ismael Flores. Protagonist: Clemente Flores.

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