Synopsis: Clemente Flores lives in the community "El Moreno", in Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, where more than 30 indigenous communities struggle to prevent the imminent arrival of multinational mining companies to extract lithium, the new white gold. In search of answers to his silent claim to be included in the decision-making process, Clemente embarks on a revealing journey, to return and organize, together with the other salt communities, a resistance action in defense of their territory . "In the name of lithium" is a documentary about the urgency of reaching an equilibrium with the Pachamama.

“Water is the blood of the Pachamama”.

“In the name of Lithium” is a documentary about the struggle of the indigenous communities of the north Argentina to prevent its salt flats, containing one of the largest lithium reserves in theworld, become a «sacrifice zone» in order to reduce global warming.

Two worldviews confront in the north of Argentina. On the one hand, the original communities of the salars in their fight to defend their traditions and the ecosystem. And, on the other, the contemporary world in its desperate need to find in lithium, an alternative to oil, and be able to store renewable energy, without questioning its extracting methods.

The outcome for the communities is unfavorable: they are not taken into account in decision-making, nor in operating profits. And the political-economic, national and international interests are increasingly fierce. The total colonization of their salt flats seems inevitable, and their traditions seem to be condemned to extintc in order to «save» the world.



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of the world reserves of lithium are inArgentina, Bolivia and Chile.


litres of water are used to produce 1 Ton of Lithium Carbonate. (1)


lithium mining projects in Argentina.

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indigenous communities live in Olaroz salar, Salinas Grandes and Laguna de Guayatayoc

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of the exports of Lithium Carbonate goes to the United States

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of lithium are needed to produce 1 electric car (equivalent to 17.000 cell phones) (2)


Argentine provinces have lithium reserves: Catamarca, Jujuy and Salta.


Projects are actively extracting and exporting.

(1) Patricia Marconi – Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of La Plata

(2) Dr. Ernesto Calvo – Conicet Researcher and Professor.

(1) Patricia Marconi – Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of La Plata

(2) Dr. Ernesto Calvo – Conicet Researcher and Professor.


“They came and said, “We are going to extract lithium”. But, what about the communities? Do we exist?”.


“There was a big change, people want to come because there is work”.


“I give my life for the salars”.


«In the name of lithium» is produced by Calma Cine and Farn, directed by Tian Cartier and Martín Longo; and Pía Marchegiani as Director of Farn’s research team. It has the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts and Cultural Patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. (See more button)


For the indigenous communities of the salt flats of the Argentine Puna, salt is rooted in the deepest part of their identity, in the inheritance of their ancestors and the fight for their territory. Salt is not a resource, but a living being, which has its own life cycles and must be respected.

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El próximo 16 de diciembre proyectaremos el documental argentino En el nombre del litio para abrir la conversación urgente sobre qué tipo de transición energética se está impulsando y a quien favorece. 💰📈🚘

La transición energética que se está ejecutando es una imposición de arriba-abajo impulsada por grandes empresas que está creando muchos recelos en zonas rurales tanto del Norte como del Sur Global.

No sólo se están sacrificando tierras agrícolas aquí🌳 sino también modos de vida ancestrales y ecosistemas vitales allá.🍃

Unamos nuestros lazos de solidaridad más allá de las fronteras.🤝

¡Os esperamos!

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Viernes 18 de nov 19h

En el nombre del litio (2021)
Dir. Martín Longo y Cristián Cartier
Prod. calmacine

Es un documental sobre las luchas de las comunidades originarias del norte argentino para evitar que sus salinas, dónde se encuentra una de las mayores reservas de litio del mundo, se transforme en una "zona de sacrificio"

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