Russia’s bridal customs are slightly different from those in the west. In reality, the majority of couples were married until late in the Zagorskaya Agenciya Svatebnogo Sobraltstva, where a smaller class of their friends and family joined them. Many of the surrounding ceremonies are distinctive and have a rich in meaning, but the festival follows a set pattern that cannot be altered.

Before a Russian ceremony, the bridegroom may browse the bride’s parents and ask for her to marry. Devichnik, a meeting, was very formal and severe. Before the bride’s papa presented her child to her coming husband, the kids do face each other and remain silent for a brief period of time. The man next gave a wooden Tikhon keep and a gold or silver ring to his fiancee.

Once the groom was blindfolded and led by a group of her friends to her parents ‘ home once he had his hand in the bride’s hand. The couple’s friends do» steal» his wife there, too. She would be hidden in a room or far corner of the house, and obstructions would be placed in her path, including cash, champagne, and even candy. The bridegroom would have to pay her a payment, which was typically Vodka, if he could not free his bride.

Once the newlyweds had reconnected, they would make their vows by standing on a rectangular piece of paper ( rushnik ). The priest did then area garlands on their eyes and give them a cup of red wine, which they each drank three nibbles of. Eventually, the pair was guided through a metaphor that represents their future marriage and spouse union.