Are you curious about Angela Simmons’ dating life? Wondering who this talented fashion maven has been linked to within the past? Look no further, as we dive into the world of Angela Simmons’ dating history and get a closer have a look at her romantic endeavors.

The Early Years: Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller

Angela Simmons, daughter of hip-hop legend Rev. Run, shot to fame with the truth TV show "Run’s House." Alongside her siblings, Vanessa and Jojo, Angela turned a household name and captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. But it was in the early years of the show that sparks flew between Angela and fellow cast member, Romeo Miller.

  1. Angela and Romeo’s friendship progressively blossomed into one thing more.
  2. Their undeniable chemistry captured the eye of fans and have become a central storyline within the show.
  3. However, their relationship was short-lived, and so they decided to remain close pals as a substitute.

A Love Triangle: Angela Simmons, Bow Wow, and Brandon Jennings

In the realm of celebrity dating, love triangles are by no means distant. Angela Simmons found herself at the heart of 1 between two high-profile celebrities: rapper Bow Wow and NBA participant Brandon Jennings.

  1. Angela and Bow Wow’s relationship had its fair share of ups and downs.
  1. However, Brandon Jennings entered the picture, complicating issues further.
  1. In the top, Angela’s romantic involvement with both Bow Wow and Brandon Jennings remained largely ambiguous, leaving followers to speculate concerning the nature of her relationships.

A New Love Interest: Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson

After her highly-publicized relationships with Romeo Miller, Bow Wow, and Brandon Jennings, Angela Simmons ultimately discovered love with Sutton Tennyson. Their relationship marked a new chapter in Angela’s love life.

  1. Sutton Tennyson met Angela Simmons in Atlanta and their connection was instant.

  1. Despite the happiness they discovered together, their relationship faced its justifiable share of challenges.
  1. Sadly, their love story had a tragic ending. In November 2018, Sutton Tennyson was tragically killed, leaving Angela and their baby behind.

Angela Simmons Today: The Journey of Self-Discovery

Following the tumultuous journey of her previous relationships, Angela Simmons shifted her focus towards self-discovery and private progress. Today, she is a profitable entrepreneur, style fanatic, and a devoted mom to her son.

  1. Angela has embraced her status as a single mom, discovering strength in her position.
  1. Angela’s style empire continues to thrive, showcasing her passion and inventive imaginative and prescient.


Angela Simmons’ courting history may be tumultuous, but it has undoubtedly formed her into the strong, impartial girl she is right now. From her early romance with Romeo Miller to the publicized love triangle with Bow Wow and Brandon Jennings, Angela’s love life has been filled with twists and turns. And though her relationship with Sutton Tennyson tragically ended, Angela has emerged as an inspiration for single mothers in all places. With her unwavering passion for trend and her dedication to self-discovery, Angela Simmons continues to inspire us all.


1. Who is Angela Simmons at present dating?

As of my data, Angela Simmons is currently not publicly courting anyone. She has stored her relationship standing private, and no definitive info or stories counsel a current romantic partner.

2. Has Angela Simmons ever been married or engaged?

There have been no reports or evidence suggesting that Angela Simmons has ever been married or engaged. She has stored her private life relatively private, focusing extra on her profession and entrepreneurship endeavors.

3. Who was Angela Simmons’ past romantic partner?

In the past, Angela Simmons has been in a relationship with the rapper and actor Romeo Miller, who is also referred to as Lil’ Romeo. They dated for a brief period, however finally, their relationship ended amicably, and so they remained pals.

4. Did Angela Simmons have a baby with her past partner?

Yes, Angela Simmons has a child from her previous relationship with Sutton Tennyson. They have a son named Sutton Joseph Tennyson, who was born in September 2016. However, Sutton Tennyson tragically handed away in November 2018.

5. Is Angela Simmons open to courting in the future?

Angela Simmons has not publicly said whether or not she is open to relationship sooner or later. As a non-public individual, she has stored her personal life away from the spotlight. It is feasible that she might choose so far in the future, but till she chooses to share that data, her courting standing stays unknown.